About Me

Courtney Alana Ward - a curly-haired half Italian and half Irish lass, was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.  Her first role was that of “Baby Tiger,” a performance she created at age 3 after watching a Discovery Channel documentary on tigers. “Baby Tiger” ran for the next couple of years while she was out to dinner with her parents or making the weekly grocery store trip with them.  No one ever knew when the performance would take place, but the 3-year-old’s spot on transformation left onlookers who were lucky enough to witness the show, awestruck and intimidated.  

Upon entering elementary school Courtney retired from “Baby Tiger” and found a new outlet in her school’s audition based ensemble-singing group ironically called Cat’s Meow.  In middle school she joined her school’s Reader’s Theatre club where she received her first taste of acting competitions.  It was in high school that Courtney learned how to live without sleep as she bounced between Varsity Chorale Chorus, Thespian competitions, and Varsity soccer.

She auditioned for Florida State University’s (FSU) highly noted Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting Program and was accepted. Courtney was also fortunate enough to work one-on-one with Sir Ian McKellen on Sonnet 29 when he visited FSU her senior year.  She was also involved in the distinguished FSU Film School where she was cast in numerous short films.

After graduation, Courtney moved to New York City.  In between hitting up auditions she can be found doing yoga on her apartment roof, laughing until her stomach hurts, eating something chocolate, or her favorite -- people watching on the subway.  After witnessing many interesting subway characters she has seriously considered reviving her infamous “Baby Tiger” routine on one of her rides through the city, since it would surely fit right in with her fellow travelers.